Hacienda Crafts has remained clear about who it is, and what its mission is all about. Hacienda Crafts offers farmers an alternative way of life, one that provides better economic returns and pride as self-reliant, micro-entrepreneurs. In time, and with diverse weaving traditions, the mission proved itself worth the pursuit. Hacienda Crafts has exported remarkable creations, finding following in many parts of the world.

Hacienda Crafts also preserves Old World weaving traditions. For the Philippines, that means a web of loops and tying techniques, some already teetering at the edge of extinction. Fisher-folk whisper secrets about their trade through knots that render fish nets and crab traps sturdy. Mountain dwellers lend raw fashion with necklaces of chained nito rings. And with urging from the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, weavers dust off old looms to turn raffia into beautiful fabric.

Fair Trade Inspiration is central to the purpose of Hacienda Crafts. Our products are design-driven, expressed in fine craftsmanship. We celebrate the uniqueness of our hand-made pieces because by this we are able to give our rural weavers a fair return on their labor. In the end, a basket is not just another basket in a production line. It is a way into a better life.