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Transcending Self

Nearly half of transgender youth will attempt suicide before their 20th birthday. Globally, a transgender person is murdered every 29 hours. Annie Tritt is committed to changing these outcomes.


‘Transcending Self’ is a storytelling project consisting of narrative stories – portraits and interviews – with transgender and non-binary youth ages 3-20 and their families. The project puts faces and names to the trans experience; the website magnifies this visibility to prevent marginalization and repression.


We designed the ‘Transcending Self’ platform as a resource for parents, educators, young people, and the general public. It offers curated stories and experiences for each viewer profile, to make each feel welcomed and supported. Viewers are met with stunning portraits and bold quotes full of wisdom and courage, heartbreak and love. It was important for us that all faces and stories are seen.


The expansive view of the transgender experience is seen in the breadth of categories. A dozen categories allow searches by school age, location, and POV, among others. Beyond stories, the website provides links to resources and an information database for legislation affecting transgender youth.

"The project as a whole really tells an important story."

Some people are choosing to say really positive things.

Some people are sharing what's really hard.



I started dressing and looking the complete way I wanted to.


Chanel, 18, Queens NY

I started dressing and looking the complete way I wanted to. It was kind of like a weight being released from my soul and it gave me the invincible feeling and outlook. Of course, I still have my certain insecurities but I feel like people get it confused, like if you have insecurities you can’t be confident. I have some insecurities, but I still tell myself and feel that I’m the bestest thing, because I am, and no one can ever destroy that.

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