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Lifetrack is a healthtech startup that exponentially increases the world's access to radiologists. A highly integrated diagnostic and learning system, Lifetrack's LIFESYS was designed from the ground-up to be as inexpensive as possible, extending the reach of high-quality medicine and healthcare education. 


Nothing short of groundbreaking, the system features hundreds of features, benefits, and applications. Over the course of three months, we collaborated with founder and CEO Eric Schulze, MD, to develop messaging that would win the pitch to an expansive array of stakeholders, with different needs and areas of interest: tech innovators and VCs, hospital administrators, educational institutions and foundations, and radiologists. Our goals: a) Distill the complex inner-workings of the technology to mirror the simplicity and intuitiveness of the interface, and b) Communicate the impact of the technology on a global scale.

The Future of Radiology

Around the world, over 6 billion patients have little to no access to reliable, modern, affordable radiological diagnosis.

Two issues handicap thousands of hospitals and clinics: the shortage of radiologists and the scarcity of technology that better utilizes existing radiologists.

In light of these challenges, Lifetrack introduces LifesysTM RIS/PACS featuring patented RadNav technology — tech that’s designed to make the most sustainable social impact in the places that need radiologists most. It isn’t just technology for technology’s sake. It expands radiologists’ reach, without them ever leaving their clinics or cities. It’s a tool for medical efficiency and accuracy. It’s a platform for capacity building.

It’s redefining everything a radiology system can do. For the greatest number of people.

“If you decrease the cost of radiology services, you can decrease the price — then you can reach

B and C social classes throughout the rest of the world. 

It’s all about being able to do social responsibility at a price that will actually work.”

— Eric Schulze, CEO and Founder

Edge computing
for radiology

LifeSys™ inverts the relationship between server and workstation. By taking advantage of the “supercomputer in your desktop ”, we can infinitely scale to thousands of concurrent users acroos hundreds of sites is not just
possible but practical.

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