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Holistic Coalition

They began as a group of concerned furniture designers. Designers, each established in their own right, coming together to create the Holistic Coalition of the Willing, or HOLICOW, to champion sustainable furniture and home furnishings. Their story pivots on sustainability: honest, genuine, and transparent. The brand identity is a nod to furniture design and traditional weaves. We wrapped the website's home page in solihiya, which unravels to reveal the furniture.


The Holistic Coalition of the Willing, or HOLICOW, is a sustainable furniture and housewares company based in Cebu City, Philippines. We gather some of the country’s premier innovators to cultivate intelligent design towards a sustainable future. All our pieces are designed and handcrafted to further our weaving traditions and tropical materials.

OUR STORY pivots on design and sustainability; tradition and modern technique. Every piece communicates the stories of our artisans and our own pursuit of harmony with nature in a way that is honest and genuine.

OUR MISSION is to achieve synchronicity between our products and the environment, and between our members, values, and goals. We are committed to measuring our sustainable practices in detail.

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