Holcim, one of the world’s leading suppliers of cement and aggregates, aimed to highlight its pioneering initiatives in sustainable development. In an industry where corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are a dime a dozen, Holcim wanted to stand out.  


And stand out, it did. To represent the company’s Sustainability Strategy – The 2030 Plan – we created a pop-up cover to tell the story of its flagship projects: the rehabilitation of mining quarries and successful partnerships with indigenous communities in La Union, Lugait, Bulacan, and Davao. We worked closely with the client to create this moment of surprise and delight, and fill it with meaning for the various stakeholders. Once the storytelling aspect was completed, we worked with the printing press on the construction of the pop-up, developing test models for seamless production. The result was a simple, memorable device that brought Holcim’s initiatives to life. This, combined with the stories from farmers, community workers, and employees, transformed the company’s positive impact into something tangible.

Air Quality

Our Continuous Emission Monitoring Sytem (CEMS) installed in all plants are primarily used to measure and monitor atmospheric emission such as dust SO2 and NO2. Aside from adhering with the Holcim Global Standards, we also comply with the local regulation DAO 2000-81 - Air Quality Standards & Rules Relating to Air Pollution, requiring installation of CEMS equipment on stationary sources and the RA 8749 - Philippine Clean Air Act. Emission monitoring allows the company to immediately address concerns about our operation's air quality emissions and its impacts.

Biodiversity Assessment and Conservation

We remain committed to protecting the biodiversity resource near our plants and concessions. We recognize that biodiversity is essential to our ecosystem, and it must be conserved as practically as possible. We believe this creates long-term value to future generations.

Biodiversity Species Assessment

Summary of reported number of species through Holcim Philippines reports