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Haiti Cultural Exchange

Haitian culture is the greatest story rarely told – and the decade-old website of Haiti Cultural Exchange (HCX) no longer conveyed the vibrance, richness, and relevance of both culture and organization. It felt dated and failed to engage audiences, much less inspire them to support the cause.


The refresh was a process of daring for HCX: daring to see how audiences perceived it based on its visual presence and daring to embrace a new visual identity for itself. The brand audit guided the team to align core and visual identities with organizational goals.


The original logo and color palette were retained for legacy, but its applications, modernized. The old website contained past (archives) and bits of the present (stale news). We pushed the design to contain past, present, AND future by promoting cultural resources next to exciting program offerings. Beyond content, these features represent relevance and scale – integral to fundraising and therefore, program sustainability.

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Haiti Cultural Exchange
is a nonprofit organization established to


the cultural expressions of the Haitian people.

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HCX is important “Because Haitian culture is the greatest story rarely told, says one survey respondent. HCX seeks to be a primary, authentic resource for presenting the culture of Haiti and the Diaspora.

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HCX's activities deepen appreciation of the rich diversity of Haitian arts culture in New York City and provide opportunities for artists of Haitian descent to develop and present their work.

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