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Introducing a new model for Brand Coaching. Leverage our brand expertise to soup up your marketing team. 

One-on-one consulting

The Master Mentorship program provides access to brand experts in a hybrid combination of creating + teaching.

Work with New York-based brand experts, who's there to get personal and in bed with your business.

  • You want bespoke agency-quality strategy 

  • You have a talented
    in-house team that can execute a plan, but craves a solid brand + direction 

  • You want to train your team to take the brand in-house 

Tap into our startup experience, global markets knowledge, and brand expertise to unlock growth.

Great mentors are truly empathetic and great champions of your success.  Great mentees know how to focus on the unique superpowers of their mentors to help shape their development.

Branding mentorships are designed to create an on-going relationship where we sink our teeth in your brand AND your business. This approach isn't about formulas or quick fixes that have nothing to do with your unique brand or client offerings. Instead, we'll create a bespoke set of action plans designed to help you reach the right goals in a timely fashion. We'll be walking alongside you, providing dependable accountability, cheering you on to success.

We guide you in building your business, not just your brand.

You will work with us one-on-one with to develop and execute targeted plans for your business.

Focused weekly meetings with your mentor help you regain control of your business, maintain accountability, and sustain your growth plans. 

Your Master Mentorship will focus on the business areas most crucial to your business: sales and marketing, business process, and/or management issues. We'll put the help where it hurts.

Brand Launcher Master Mentorships include our exclusive Brand Launcher materials, an assessment phase, and meetings at least weekly with a Brand Launcher Master Mentor. Each engagement is for a minimum of four months and can continue on at your discretion.

Brand Coaching is a hybrid of expert guidance and implementation.


We're there to ensure your team achieves your objectives as efficiently as possible. We coach your team (executive, marketing managers and graphic designers) through the key steps of building your brand to grow your business.

We provide HYBRID SERVICE: coaching from the side plus strategic and design service. Think of it as a your brand's personal lifeguard. We jump in when your team gets stuck, lost or begins to get overwhelmed.


For start-ups, corporations, and non-profits who's brand management needs to be brought in-house

Identifying a mentor is about finding someone whose past successes align with your goals. It’s from this place where a mentor can give you optimal advice based on their own experiences.

Brand Management Training

We make brand leaders smarter

A 3-month self-guided course with an expert-designed toolkit and class huddles.

We designed our brand management training program to challenge brand leaders to think, define, plan, execute, and analyze, always focused on driving brand growth. The stronger your marketing team, the smarter thinking they will put into their brand and the better execution you will see in the marketplace. 

Be proactive. Before your company's branding emergency hits, gain all the learning tools you'll need take to build a robust brand system.

(Something here about career track for graphic designers)


Creative Brief

You'll learn how to mobilize your company's stakeholders into one vision with a creative brief. 

Brand Strategy

How to create a brand strategy that'll guide your stakeholders in choosing the right logo and brand style for the company. No longer dealing with individual personal likes, the creative work will be judged within the confines of a brand strategy.

Brand Rollout

Rolling out a brand can be daunting and overwhelming. Ensuring that you stay within budget requires a lot of planning and scheduling the production in the right order of events in crucial. LIke building a home, it's important to get the foundation laid out first, map out the internal​ and launching it when your brand is ready to come out in a full and steady stream.

Brand Elements

You'll learn all the different elements for your brand: from brand service via a smart UI/UX, social media communication that's seamless with your consumer activities. Your learn to see birds eye view of your brand  so that your website, social media, ads and constumer touchpoints are all creating a seamless customer experience.