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Aboitiz Power

Aboitiz Power (AP), a giant in power generation, distribution, and retail electricity services, was launching its newest retail product. The goal was simple: to cut through the clutter and get in the hands of C-Suites.

Conventional proposal folders are flimsy and disorganized–sheets of typed paper crammed behind two flaps. Foregoing this for an elegant and efficient solution, we created an imposing savings kit that opened to a flat lay of all information pieces. Clear and organized, the information is easy to scan and sort. Every piece has its place, nestled underneath a numbered die-cut tab. A guide card leads the reader through the materials, ensuring nothing remains unseen. Where custom offer sheets were once automatically generated on Word documents, we designed each sheet to entice a second look. 


The kit was lauded by stakeholders upon launch. Apart from overwhelmingly positive responses from target customers, it also empowered the AP sales force, creating a ripple of energy and excitement throughout the organization.

Box (inside) comp copy.jpg
postcard mock up.jpg
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