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Malacañan Palace

From intricate displays of art and artistry, delicate interpretations of national cuisine, to Malacañan’s current style of receiving visitors, the Palace continues to reflect Philippine pride and hospitality.

An Invitation to Malacañan is unprecedented in bringing to life the many momentous occasions in history hosted at the Malacañan Palace. This publication provides a pictorial chronology of time-honored traditions, ceremonial rites and receptions, as well as glimpses of behind-the-scenes planning and preparations for these special functions at the Palace.

This definitive guide was developed over the course of a year, through countless interviews and research, and in close collaboration with Social Secretary Bettina Aboitiz and Jeremy Barnes of Malacañan Museum.

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Preparing the Stage for History

Malacañan takes pride in being given the opportunity to create an inspiring and memorable evening for all its guests.

State Dinners are traditionally contained within the walls of Malacañan, in one of the Palace's many historic rooms. In the past, banquets on warm summer evenings spilled into the gardens, where the open air relieved guests of the heat.

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