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Solo Entrepreneurs


Small Companies

A one-month "crush" course where we collaborate on everything you need for a successful brand launch: we'll define your target customers, craft your brand story, and design all your brand elements — plus the strategies  behind each. 


We'll begin with a deep-dive into who you are, what you do, and why you're special, to get into the nitty gritty of your business. We'll emerge with a brand personality that'll turn heads and spark love reactions.


From wallflower to supermodel, you’ll look so good new customers will be crushing you, while you crush the competition.

2 hours

step 1

brand warm up


A 2-hour workshop for a deep-dive into your organization’s history, current story, future goals, and needs. 

2 weeks

After our workshop, we head into our studio for two weeks to craft your brand strategies and prepare design studies.

2 hours

brand booster

Two 2-hour intensive sessions to craft your organization’s brand into the perfect fit.

We present our recommendation for brand direction, with initial designs to support the concept. We workshop the proposed direction together so that all stakeholders have a unified vision of the brand.

We meet one last time to present the final adjustments & secure sign-off on the designs.

2 hours

step 2

2 weeks

step 3

brand sprint

We finalize all design elements of your customized brand launch kit.

total: one month


brand launch kit


  • Informational website 
      (desktop & mobile)       
      (Wix or Wordpress)

  • Social media template

Brand positioning + values

  • Brand tone + personality

  • Brand engagement strategies

  • Brand guidelines

Design elements

  • New / refreshed logo

  • Business card template

  • Stationery template

  • Press kit or sales kit


  • Black Instagram Icon