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End your dependency on ad agencies. We'll teach you everything you need to take brand strategy in-house.

Your challenges:

Marketing budget cuts. Severe downsizing.

Business pivots. Demand for responsiveness.


When you're down to a skeleton crew, how do you accelerate your brand know-how to manage it all?

When outsourcing is no longer an option, Brand Mentoring gives you exclusive access to our expertise. A hybrid of expert guidance and implementation, we'll develop strategy and problem-solve, all while teaching your team the long game of branding. It's an investment for long-term sustainability: breaking the habit of outsourcing strategic thinking to bring brand management in-house.


Expert-crafted strategy

Your current crisis revolves around a weak brand identity. Pick your most critical branding challenge and we'll:
   a) assess brand health;
   b) define the strategy; and
   c) create a responsive action plan.

We'll engage your team in every step of development, so they learn strategic thinking (and planning) by doing. Focused weekly working sessions help you accelerate your growth plans while managing daily crises: ​we can investigate complex challenges, anticipate problems, or respond to opportunities at speed. 


Brand leadership mentorship

Brand leadership involves both strategic and practical knowledge. Leverage our experience, capabilities and execution proficiency on branding processes, such as: 

Branding and rebranding

Pivoting the business

Crafting a new strategy

Creating a marketing plan

Envisioning a social media calendar

Guerilla marketing 

Product marketing

Design Thinking

Designing marketing materials for ROI

Correcting brand dissonance

Campaign planning and execution

Building a pitch deck

Step-by-step brand rollout

Planning and executing a photo shoot

Crafting marketing messages 

Future-proofing your brand


Graphic design support

Need to move faster? We can set the initial look and tone for an advertising campaign, or a rebrand to set a design strategy for your designers.


Once we've agreed on a creative direction, we'll guide your team as they expand the system we created together.


The ideal branding team is a marketing manager + graphic designers, with oversight by a big boss. But individuals such as start-up founders and entrepreneurs can find brand mentoring especially helpful–after all, they get 2 more brains to get the job done!

What you'll learn


Marketing Manager

You are the key decision-maker, accountable for creating brand strategies and ensuring a successful rollout that delivers impactful results.

Learn the scope and detail of brand management so you can take the helm, create a long-term strategy, know how to hire better and smarter, and learn what it takes to get the best out of your creative team. 


You'll learn how to measure if your brand has legs, to recognize when to pivot, and build a system to optimize brand collaboration company-wide.

Graphic Designer

You are a master-of-all when it comes to design and eager to level up from just making things look cool. You've got the smarts to take an active role in brand planning.

Learn how to judge the merits of your design against your company's marketing and sales goals, and ensure that your designs speaks to the right audience.

You'll learn the language of business so that you can keep up with the conversation at the
big table.

Big Boss

You are the north star of your organization. You don't need to know the specifics, but you want assurances that your brand team is working at optimum level. 

Learn how your competitors are doing it better and get the big picture on what it takes to execute a smart  and effective brand strategy to accelerate the scaling of your business. 

Discover global best practices and innovations to benchmark and inspire your brand growth.

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Let's put our heads together

Brand mentorship is all about synergy. Choose mentors whose communication style, experiences, and successes are a match with your goals and corporate culture.

Learn more about our no-holds-barred collaborative style:

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