Kaplan has become one of
the world’s largest education
companies, helping over one
million students around the
globe achietve their educational
and career goals each year.      

Our brand strategy must be as consistent and
unwavering as our commitment to students,
customers, partners and employees.


These guidelines will enable us to create
a unified presence and better defined and
differentiate Kaplan in a dynamic and
competitive marketplace. Through our
coordinated efforts, we will build and reinforce
the value of our brand.      


5 The “K”

The Kaplan “K”, with its distinctive notch,
evolved into a valuable brand element that can 
be leveraged as a unifying device across all the
business units’ marketing materials.  

The “K” adds an element
of personalization,
directly reflecting our
brand strategy.  

Creative use of the “K” will
bring a level of flexibility
to our brand expression
while simultaneously
providing a consistent
symbol for the company.    


5.1 Solid “K”

The “K” element is broken
down into two components:
the stem (a) and the arrow

When selecting any of
these approved color
combinations, always use
Kaplan Purple in one of
the components unless
it appears on a purple

The solid “K” is the preferred
color combination for the
Kaplan “K”. It combines
the Kaplan Purple with a
secondary color.

The “K” should always appear
in one of the approved color
combinations, seen here.  

The solid “K” is a bold and
distinctive addition to
photography, as well as
white and color backgrounds.
Another secondary color may
replace the core purple when
the solid “K” is used over a
purple background.       

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