A visually compelling communication medium that, done well, can communicate complex data in a visual format that has the potential to go viral. We take data sets and present them in a visual shorthand that has meaningful impact.

Water Withdrawal by Source EN8

Biodiversity Species Assessment

Summary of reported number of species through Holcim Philippines reports

Ecological Footprint, Biocapacity and Overshoot

Just as a bank statement tracks expenditures against income, Ecological Footprint accounting measures a population’s demand for and ecosystems’ supply a ecological assets.

On the supply side, a city, a state or nation’s biocapacity represents the productivity of its ecological assets (including forest lands, grazing lands, cropland, fishing grounds and built-up land).

Social Impact Multiplier

Below illustrates the power of one. Now multiply it by 50 We, Women artists across America. 

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