What we do

Tapping both sides of the brain, Tink Tank Studio is different by design and method. In our studio we tinker with ideas, concepts, and materials to help clients with creative and art direction, concept development, design, branding, ad campaigns, or strategic planning.

Be a tinker

We connect the dots between different areas, create visual and verbal webs, and embrace the creative process by constantly exploring, questioning, testing, and tinkering to produce intelligent design solutions.

branding and marketing
The foundation of all great design is a brilliant strategy. Without it, you’re left to imitate and trail behind the competition. Let Tink Tank Studio map out new roads and fresh possibilities.
creative direction
This is where the fun begins: logos, brochures, website designs, annual reports, advertising campaigns – anything and everything you need to tell your customers who you are, with a bang. We’ll oversee, execute, and ensure that all your materials are created with a singular, cohesive vision.
You say tomato and we say “toh-ma-toe.” It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Press releases, feature articles, brochures, and packaging – we’re never at a loss for words.
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